Chair of Admin. Council
Tom Blackstock (2023/4th yr.)

Marcus Dodson, Chair
Paula Markert (2023)
Kay Blackstock (2024)
Barb Kline (2024)

Deb Werbach (2026)

Lay Leaders
Paula Markert (2023/4th yr.)
Scott Walter (2022/2nd yr.)

John Lefler (2023/1st yr.)

Asst. Treasurer
Don McSwain (2025/1st yr.)

Board Members at Large
Drew Prusiecki (2023/2nd yr.)
Rick Tranquilli (2023/1st yr.)
Chip Brown (2026/4th yr.)
Cynthia Wood (2023)/2nd yr.)

Finance Committee
Andy Harvill/Chair (2023)
Brian Singleton (2024)
Chip Brown (2026)/4th year)
Fred Markert (2026)/1st year)
Cynthia Wood (2026)/1st yr.)

Stephen Wood/Chair (2026)
Carole Guffey (2024)
Mimi Elder (2026)
Peter Elder (2026)

John Holbrook (2023/Chair)
Kay Blackstock (2024)
Barb Kline (2024)
Fred Markert/Chair (2024) (ex-officio non-voting member) Memorial Garden*


Fred Markert (2023/Chair ~ 1 year extension)
Judy Lefler (2024)
Bobbi Moore (2024)
Elizabeth Dice (2026)
Betsy McColskey (2026)
Kellie Prusiecki (2026)

Worship Committee
Marcus Dodson (Pastor)
Beth Holimon (Chair/2026)
Deb Werbach (2026)
Tamsin Freeman (2026)
Charlie Steele (ex-officio non-voting member)
Nancee Salyer/Chair (2024) (ex-officio non-voting member) – Hospitality*
Don & Carole Guffey/Chairs (2026) (ex-officio non-voting member) – Ushers*
Elizabeth Dice (2024) (ex-officio non-voting member) – Wedding Coordinator*

* Denotes offices and committees fall outside the Book of Discipline but have been determined to be helpful to the function of Lake Toxaway UMC’s ministry.