Mission Statement

The purpose of the LTUMC Worship Committee is to enhance the worship experience.

This includes:

  • Scheduling ushers, acolytes and greeters as needed
  • Coordinating the altar cloths, banners and flowers
  • Preparing Communion
  • Decorating the sanctuary for Christmas/ Easter
  • Coordinating gatherings of the congregation, including coffee and other fellowship with the help of a subcommittee.
  • Overseeing special events
  • Lay Leaders


Florists/Flowers/Plants for the Altar:

The sign-up calendar is in the Fellowship Hall.  We do not have flowers on the alter on Communion Sundays (the 1st Sunday of the month).  Please bring plants/flowers with you on Sunday morning and bring them home with you as we cannot donate them to the hospital or nursing homes since Covid-19.  If you need flowers delivered you may reach out to two florists who will deliver to LTUMC.  Please feel free to cut fresh flowers from your own yard.

Below are local florists listed alphabetically.

Local grocery stores have fresh flowers & plants as well.