LTUMC Officers & Committees


Chair of Amin. Council
Tom Blackstock (2021/second year)

Marcus Dodson, Chair
Lay Leaders (Barb Kline and Paula Markert)
Judy Brubaker (2021)
Kay Blackstock (2021)

Beth Holimon (2021/second year)

Lay Leaders
Paula Markert (2021/second year)
Barbara Kline (2021/third year)

Don McSwain (2021/first year)

Asst. Treasurer
Andy Harvill (2021/first year)

Board Members at Large
Judy Lefler (2022)
Doug Bailey (2022)
Chip Brown (2022)
John McColskey (2022)

Finance Committee
Andy Harvill/Chair (2023)
Chip Brown (2022)
Don Guffey (2022)

John Lefler/Chair (2021)
Becky Shoemaker (2021)
Paula Markert (2021)
George Bagwell (2023)

John Holbrook (2021/Chair)/Extension of one additional year
Don Guffey (2021)/Extension of one additional year
Carole Guffey (2021)/Extension of one additional year
Barb Kline (2021)
Sue Hester (2021)
Bob Fussell (2021)

Fred Markert (Chair/2023)
Char Holbrook (2021)
Cathie Fussell (2022)
Kay Blackstock (2022)
John Shoemaker (2023)

Worship Committee
Marcus Dodson (Pastor)
Barbara Kline (Chair/2022)
Gerrie McSwain (2022))
Mary Collins (2021)
Charlie Steele (ex-officio member)

The following offices and committees fall outside the Book of Discipline but have been determined to
be helpful to the function of Lake Toxaway UMC’s ministry.

Leslie Brown, Chair
Don and Carole Guffey

Memorial Garden
Fred Markert, Chair