LTUMC Finance Committee Responsibilities

  • Oversea stewardship of financial resources
  • Help Council plan ways to provide more resources for missions and ministries
  • Receive committee financial needs and prepare annual budget for Council review and approval
  • Administer allocation of funds as directed by Council
  • Establish and annually review financial policies for internal controls of fund handling and disbursement procedures
  • Apply Council directions in providing guidance to Treasurer in disbursing funds and to Financial Secretary (Symington) in collecting and recording fund receipts
  • Establish two-person team to count cash receipts…also select person to record and deposit all funds received by church
  • Provide for annual audit to verify compliance with church policies and laws affecting safeguarding and handling of funds
  • Recommend proper depository locations for funds to Council
  • Report all designated fund balances to Council
  • Recommend changes to church budget to Council


  • Disburses, records, and reports against church budget all funds received and expended for review by finance committee and church council
  • Complies with written financial policies and internal controls established by finance committee
  • Supports audit activity with appropriate documentation
  • Should be bonded
  • Provides reports for finance committee and council to include account balances, income/expense statement, balance sheet (including designated fund balances)

Financial Secretary

  • Oversees collection, counting, and recording funds received by the Church
  • Tracks designated funds separately from general funds
  • Deposits funds as specified by finance committee
  • Provides copy of fund deposit receipt to Treasurer